About Us


L’avenir Translating & Language Specialists specializes in all translations French-English-French, and consecutive interpretations as well as simultaneous interpretations.

L’avenir Translating & Language Specialists was specifically started to help any individual, company or organisation with translations in their specific field.

L’avenir Translating & Language Specialists has been a successful company because French is spoken in more than 300 countries across the world either as a first language or a second language. French is also the second most frequently taught language in the world – after English. For this reason French to English and English to French translations are in a high demand across the world. We can assist anyone all over the world, with any form of translations or language.

L’avenir Translating & Language Specialists have been one of the longest running and one most sought after companies in South Africa to do translations, teaching of English and French, Au Pair courses and interpretations from English to French and French to English.

L’avenir Translating & Language Specialists specializes in

  • Translations
  • Teaching English and French
  • Interpretation of English and French

L’avenir Translating & Language Specialists also specializes in all forms of documents, including the following:

  • Birth and death certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce decrees
  • Diplomas
  • Transcripts
  • And much much! more!!

 L’avenir Translating & Language Specialists  can also assist with any other French or English documents that you may need translated. We have been the preferred company for the past years to assist our clients with their translation, interpretations and teaching needs.

All of our prices are be tailored for your individual needs, and will be sent via email or discussed over the phone. So what are you waiting for! Contact L’avenir Translating & Language Specialists today.

Who Are We

We are sworn translators with years and years of professional experience

Our Mission

Providing fast & professional translations at reasonable prices to private and public clients

What We Do

Translate all things from French to English & English to French

Our history

L’avenir Translating & Language Specialists was founded by Nicole Kruger in 1993. Nicole (originally from France) an expert in all things English to French, and French to English, transforming the world of translations and with an astonishing amount background of references that cannot be matched to date. Nicole is an accredited sworn translator with over 26 years of professional experience, and is also a sworn translator for the Supreme Court of South Africa.